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5 April 2014 Print

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The Sina Energy Development Company (SEDCO) as Iranian Leading Company in oil, gas and other related energy industries was founded since 2007 with focused mission in providing all aspects of project including feasibility study, project assessment and contract development in following items: -Consultancy -management -Design and planning -Construction and build supervision -EPC/EPCC/EPD (Engineering, Procurement, Drilling) SEDCO with a diverse and highly skilled workforce equipped by the latest technology and knowledge which is engaged in every aspect of following functions: -Exploration -Drilling -Piping -Plant building (realization of complex industrial plant and infrastructural projects) SEDCO is leading head of well experienced companies which offering EPC/DB/BOT Contract in following fields: -General EPC/MC project contracting -Oil/ gas drilling (onshore, offshore) -Plant building (refineries, petrochemical, stations…) -Pipeline and related facilities -Wellhead facilities, gathering and gas injection -Mine, metal and other industries plant SEDCO with brilliant CV and certificates brings a combination of knowledge, skills, and experiences with importance notice to the quality, safely, timely execution, the environmental issues and the excellence of what is to be delivered to the clients.



SINA Energy Development Group on the Horizon:

  1. Has the highest share of sales in the Bonyad
  2. Is a strategic and reliable partner in oil, gas and petrochemical fields in the region through conducting management of investment, projects execution and production and trading.


Investing in value-creating areas of oil, gas and petrochemical industries


  1. Development of exports of technical and engineering services
  2. Financing for execution of EPC + F and EPCF projects
  3. Provide the necessary capabilities to create partnership with foreign companies to execute IPC projects
  4. Improvement of Human Resource capabilities

5 April 2014 Print
Office: 14th Floor,Building No. 1,the Central Building of the Muslim Revolutionary Islamic Foundation, not reaching the Blvd. Africa,Highway of Mission,Tehran, Iran Public Relations Email: pr@sedco.ir
Phone: 00982188963057 - 00982188969383