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Pars Energy Gostar Co.
We Explore the Earth, To Drill the Well

About Pars Energy Gostar Co.

PEDEXs staffs are among the best trained and most experienced anywhere.

We have specialists in all the fields of engineering associated with drilling and crews have a reputation for excellence, efficiency and precision.

We are confident that in choosing PEDEX, you will have chosen to work with the best.


Field of Activities

PEDEXs activities are concentrated into three main areas.


Exploration Services:

PEDEX is organized as a "total solutions" provider.

As such it prioritizes exploration as the first step in any frilling venture.

These services include:

Geology; including Subsurface, surface and Geophysics Seismic; including data Acquisition, data Processing, data Interpretation and Reservoir Engineering


Drilling Operations & Technical Services

PEDEX was the first private company in Iran granted oil and gas drilling licenses.

It has pushed prevailing industry standards forward.

PEDEX is dedicated to maintaining these standards of excellence, and on- time delivery. Its services include:

· Casing Running

· Cementing

· Logging

· Mud Engineering

· Coring

· Fishing

· Slick Line

· Coil Tubing

· Acidizing & nitrogen Lifting

· Directional Drilling

· Completion

· Well Testing


Procurement & Logistics

Being based in Iran, PEDEX enjoys the advantage of being on hand to provide clients with ready access to the logistic and procurement support require.

Office: 14th Floor,Building No. 1,the Central Building of the Muslim Revolutionary Islamic Foundation, not reaching the Blvd. Africa,Highway of Mission,Tehran, Iran Public Relations Email:
Phone: 00982188963057 - 00982188969383