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About North Drilling Co.

The North Drilling Company currently owns 9 heavy onshore and two offshore jack up drilling rigs named Iran Khazar and Sahar-1 stationed in the waters of Turkmenistan and the Persian Gulf with more than 2500 specialized and experienced manpower and has the executive responsibility of exploration drilling, production, utilization and repair of oil and gas reservoirs, creating injection wells and providing related technical services domestically and internationally. Furthermore, this company has the honor of guiding and navigating the modern Iran AmirKabir semisubmersible drilling unit in the Caspian Sea, which brought the Iranian nations long dream to reality by discovering gas in the Caspian Sea in Iran's water.


The Organizations Mission

NDCO utilizes all that is in its power and potential to assist the drilling industry towards further advancing and developing by providing drilling and well repair services to domestic and foreign target markets and providing side services and enforcing HSE rules and regulations and the well being of its personnel in the operational locations.

NDCO maximizes and protects the interests of the society and its shareholders as well as achieving are goals and objectives with the highest performance and productivity by using creative and efficient personnel.

· Iran AmirKabir, symbolizing the efforts or local experts in deep waters.

· North Drilling Company: born from more than 100 years of Iran's oil industry.

· North Drilling Company: one of the 10th cabinet's outstanding honors in implementing article 44.

· North Drilling Company: the first and only company active beyond the Islamic Borders.

· The depths of the Caspian surrendering to the drilling men of the North Drilling company.

· North Drilling Company: the first and only Iranian company operating in deep waters.

· Form the Caspian, to the Persian Gulf .

Office: 14th Floor,Building No. 1,the Central Building of the Muslim Revolutionary Islamic Foundation, not reaching the Blvd. Africa,Highway of Mission,Tehran, Iran Public Relations Email:
Phone: 00982188963057 - 00982188969383